Jeroen Broux for Kapsul Collection

Jeroen Broux. The graphic designer – with a specific style that can be described as strong, sleek, clear and balanced – that got back to working with his hands on canvas on paper.

At kapsul collection, we are so excited to announce this new collection together with creative artist Jeroen. A role-play of clear lines, subtle forms in ceramics and textures come together as one. A new limited edition, numbered collection is born. A real collector’s item.  Together we decided to number (0-25 / work) and certifie the items, so these-ones are real limited edition items.

The style of the pieces he creates is an extension of the graphic language Jeroen uses as a designer. Clear lines and boundaries, subtle forms that are in balance and communicate with each other, and a minimalist colour palette that does not dominate. Spontaneous paint strokes contrast with hard, controlled lines. Gravity also plays its role.

I love working on textiles and with textures.  I thought about designing something in 3d before. That our paths crossed is no coincidence! explains Jeroen.

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